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From FoxNews: Bush Calls for U.S., European Unity.

President Bush on Monday appealed to the people of Europe to bury their differences over the war in Iraq because he said there is work to do that requires close cooperation between the United States and Europe.
Even as protesters in Brussels prepared to take to the streets, Bush called the U.S.-European divide over Iraq a “passing disagreement” that must be put behind because the world can’t afford to let democracy fail in Iraq, he said. …

He … planned to dine privately here with French President Jacques Chirac, one of his most outspoken critics on the Iraq war. After a closed-door meeting, Chirac and Bush told reporters they were committed to patching up differences and restoring good relations despite their disagreement over the war in Iraq.

“I’m looking for a good cowboy,” Bush joked when a French reporter asked him whether relations had improved to the point where the U.S. president would be inviting Chirac to the U.S. president’s ranch in Texas.

Chirac said that U.S.-French relations have been “excellent for over 200 years now.” Chirac added, “That doesn’t necessarily mean we agree on everything at every time.” The two leaders made the comments before they sat down to dinner.

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