From  Cox and Forkum:


FoxNews reports: Iran, Syria Partnership Raises Eyebrows.

Iran and Syria on Wednesday said they would unite against any challenges or threats to their nations’ livelihoods, a move that could raise the stakes in the ongoing international dramas involving both countries. …
Observers said an alliance of any kind between the two nations wouldn’t be good.

“They feel the ground shifting under them” as democracy begins to take root in neighboring Iraq, Robert McFarlane (search), who served as national security adviser to President Reagan, told FOX News.

“It’s a very misguided effort, this idea of cooperation between Iran and Syria,” McFarlane continued. “They’ve wreaked years and years of devastation to Lebanon and the sponsorship of terrorism.”

Syria was invited into Lebanon in 1976 to quell that country’s nascent civil war. The war did not end until 1990, and Syria has loosely controlled Lebanon ever since.

Iran has been the main provider of funding and weapons to Lebanese Hezbollah, the fundamentalist Shiite militia, terrorist group and political party that forced U.S. and French troops out of Beirut in 1983 and the Israeli army out of southern Lebanon during the 1990s.

“[Iran and Syria] have been joined for a long time in creating terrorism in the region,” Air Force Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Tom McInerney told FOX News. “That shouldn’t be any surprise to any of us, they’ve just now announced it publicly.”

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