Writes Jack Wakeland at TIA Daily on how the Left opposes both war and criminal prosecution against the enemies of Western Civilization:

The left complains when we invade countries allied with the anti-American terrorist cause, we do not treat captured terrorists and the criminal militamen who fight alongside them as if they are lawfully uniformed combatants of a hostile nation at war with the United States. Likewise, when police and intelligence operatives capture terrorists in Islamabad or Kabul or Baghdad, the left insists that the men be put on trial, proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and sentenced in accordance with the law, like any other criminal—or released immediately for lack of evidence. The left has attempted to apply the rule of law out of context, as a fig leaf to cover their general rejection of national defense. […]

[…] “As the January 9 date for Palestinian elections draws near, the left will complain more and more urgently that no “meaningful dialog” can be conducted and no “lasting peace” can be achieved if the man who the Palestinian people see as their legitimate leader is being kept behind bars. Soon they will join a chorus of anti-Western voices demanding his release. This is why Marwan Barghouti refused to participate in his trial and why he waved away all of the prosecutors’ charges in the strutting manner of Al Capone, saying, “I’ll be out soon enough.” ”

“The left’s policy towards Islamist terrorism remains: no war, no justice.” [No War, No Justice]

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