From  Cox and Forkum:

In The Weekly Standard, Fred Barnes writes on the issue of social security reform: Republican Insecurity.

Democrats are a problem. On modernizing Social Security, most of them are reactionary liberals, committed to preserving an antiquated system. But at the moment, Republicans are an even bigger problem for the White House. For a reform measure to win approval in Congress, Republicans must be united. True, the conventional wisdom in Washington is that entitlement reform requires bipartisanship. With only a handful of Democrats likely to sign on, however, that won’t happen. So that leaves the matter with Republicans, and they are anything but together.

In today’s TIA Daily, Robert Tracinski commented on the above story:

The Democrats are on the ropes and in no position to resist President Bush’s proposal for a partial privatization of Social Security. So it is up to cowardly congressional Republicans to stand in the way of progress — which some of them are, of course, doing. This article provides a good overview of likely resistance from Republicans — as well as the likely outlines of any Bush administration proposal.

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