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From CNN: U.S. opposes third term for IAEA chief.

The Washington Post reported Sunday that U.S. intelligence had taped conversations between [Mohammed] ElBaradei [head of the International Atomic Energy Agency] and Iranian officials in an alleged attempt to discredit the Egyptian-born IAEA chief, who has served at the IAEA’s director-general since 1997. …
The United States must win the support of 12 nations on the IAEA’s 35-member Board of Governors to block ElBaradei’s re-election, but its influence with the board has been limited. To date the U.S. has been unsuccessful in persuading the board to take a tough line with Iran.


In November, ElBaradei praised the European preliminary nuclear non-proliferation agreement with Iran as a “step in the right direction,” despite the fact that Iran has a history of lying about its nuclear programs, not to mention a history of being the world’s worst sponsor of terrorism and an open enemy of America and Israel. (One recent example: Iran group canvasses for suicide bombers.)

Around the same time, ElBaradei acknowledged that the threat of nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists was a “real danger,” saying we should take “preventative measures” then: “We have to cross our fingers that nothing will happen.” (Via LGF)

When one expects terrorist-sponsoring regimes like Iran’s to abide by weapons agreements, then all that is left is to cross your fingers and prepare to be attacked.

The Bush Administration is long over due in confronting Iran, and at least one person has decided to do something about. The Los Angeles Times today published a story about a “grass-roots crusade against Iran,” as Robert Tracinski of TIA Daily called it: Kerry Opponent Taking Aim at New Target: Iran.

Jerome R. Corsi, a leader of the Swift Boat Vets and POWs for Truth campaign against former Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John F. Kerry, is hard at work on his next political project: preparing American public opinion for what he sees as a likely war with Iran.
“The world cannot tolerate the potential that these mad mullahs would have a deliverable nuclear weapon, even one, secretly developed,” Corsi said in a recent interview. “They might just launch on Tel Aviv. The moment the world intelligence community becomes convinced that could happen, either the U.S. alone or the U.S. plus Israel or Israel alone will seriously contemplate a preemptive strike, and I’d be in favor of it.”

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