Wrotes Robert Tracinski in his daily news letter, TIA Daily:

Even the New York Times recognizes that President Bush was given a mandate by the American people. But what was the nature of the mandate? Bush’s own views were made clear in his victory speech: it is a mandate for more tax cuts, for Social Security semi-quasi-privatization, and for finishing the war in Iraq, with only a small reference to religious “values.” Cheney agreed, saying that the administration had “reasserted a confident American role in the world.”

From a transcript of President Bush’s Speech:

“We will continue our economic progress. We’ll reform our outdated tax code. We’ll strengthen the Social Security for the next generation. We’ll make public schools all they can be. And we will uphold our deepest values of family and faith. We’ll help the emerging democracies of Iraq and Afghanistan so they can grow in strength and defend their freedom. And then our service men and women will come home with the honor they have earned. With good allies at our side, we will fight this war on terror with every resource of our national power so our children can live in freedom and in peace.”

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