From FoxNews:

By the time most of the polls closed in precincts across the country Tuesday night, real numbers began to suggest that the early estimations that had been so upbeat for Sen. John Kerry were over-inflated — so much so, that FOX News Channel decided to quit using the exit poll results Tuesday evening, calling them inaccurate and unreliable. [“Egg On Face of Exit Pollsters”]

Comments Robert Tracinski in TIA Daily:

The vote also took much longer to announce than was necessary. The election actually ended at 10:30. No, not 10:30 this morning, nor even at 11:00 am, when it was announced that John Kerry had finally conceded. It ended at 10:30 last night, when Fox News Channel made the only rational calculation and called the state of Ohio for President Bush. (The first, unofficial call of the election actually came from TIA Daily’s own Shrikant Rangnekar, who was following the county-by-county vote counts in Florida and Ohio and called me to announce President Bush’s victory at 9:45 pm.) Tom Brokaw and NBC followed soon after Fox, making those two organizations the only major news outlets to remain in contact with reality for the remainder of the evening. The rest of the major networks stampeded off a cliff into the thin air of the Democratic fantasy that Ohio would be a repeat of Florida in 2000.

Congratulations Mr. Rangnekar!

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