Apparently, CNN has yet to figure out that Ralph Nader is irrelevant. On tonight’s “America Votes 2004” election coverage program, Wolf Blitzer stands gesticulating in front of large, colorful “Race for the White House” graphics with all the usual media fanfare. And as millions of people watch transfixed, they see not just two names as viable presidential candidates, but three: Bush, Kerry and…Nader. The anti-industrialist candidate is even the subject of much discussion among the pundits and received airtime for an impromptu speech.

According to current Washington Post election results, even Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik is more popular than Ralph Nader. Although his position may change by the time tallying is complete, one thing should be obvious: Nader’s name does not belong on the short list of viable candidates, especially at the exclusion of others who are receiving more votes…unless, of course, someone at CNN has an agenda.

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