The Canadian government has decided to halt its ban on FoxNews in Canada (i.e., the CRTC finally granted permission for private Canadian broadcasters to offer FoxNews to Canadians):

[…] Even though Fox News hosts have at times mocked Canadians — calling the former prime minister a bum — the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission said Thursday it has found “there is substantial demand in Canada for Fox News.” […] The CRTC said it received 531 statements supporting Fox and only 82 opposed to allowing the channel to broadcast here. The Canadian Cable Telecommunications Association had asked the CRTC to permit it to import both Fox and the NFL Network for digital tiers. […]

The network will bring a different world view for Canadians who like their public affairs spicy, says Michael Hennessy, president of the Canadian Cable Telecommunications Association. “We think it’s great in terms of diversity (of opinion) . . . it’s controversial, which is always an excellent thing in the areas of news and public affairs,” said Hennessy. […]

One of Fox News’s highest profile personalities, Bill O’Reilly, has called former Prime Minister Jean Chretien “a bum” and denounced Canada’s medicare program as “socialist.” O’Reilly told The Canadian Press that he was referring to newspaper staff, not Canadians in general. [“Fox News Coming to Canada”, CNEWS]

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