From  Cox and Forkum:


From CNN: Sudan factions pledge to end war: ‘Strongest warning’ urged.

The move to conclude a two-year peace process for the south of the African nation came after U.N. chief Kofi Annan called on the council to issue its “strongest warning” to forces fighting in Sudan to sign a peace deal before the end of the year.
In addition to finding an end to the civil war in Sudan’s south, the council is meeting in Nairobi to end a humanitarian crisis in the western region of Darfur.

Nearly two million people have died, largely through war-induced hunger and disease, in a conflict between Sudan’s Arab north and its Christian and traditionalist south.

The Darfur crisis began in February 2003, when non-Arab rebel groups took up arms to fight for more power and resources. The government responded by backing Arab militias, who have driven millions of villagers from their homes.

The United Nations has called Darfur one of the world’s worst humanitarian disasters, and Washington has labeled it genocide.

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