Writes blogger James Lileks on the U.N.’s Favorite Terrorist:

All you need to know about Arafat was that he insisted on wearing a pistol when he addressed the UN General Assembly. And all you need to know about the UN, I suppose, is that they let him.

Just in case you need to know more…

Arafat’s Despotism: Innocent Palestinians are Better Under Israeli Rule by Yaron Brook
Remember the mayor of a Palestinian village, Zuhir Hamdan, who publicly stated that his villagers preferred to live, not under Arafat, but Israel?

UN Declaration of Rights Destroys Rights by Glenn Woiceshyn
The concept of rights is older than the United Nations but relatively new in human history — a predominantly savage and bloody history of war, murder, slavery, rape and looting committed by humans against humans. Such is “life” when people regard each other as sacrificial fodder for their needs, desires or superstitions.

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