From CNN:

Islamic courts in Nigeria sentenced two women to death by stoning for having sex out of wedlock, but two men whom they said they slept with were acquitted for lack of evidence, authorities said Tuesday.


Both sentences, which were passed within the last month in the northern state of Bauchi, have to be confirmed by the state governor before being carried out, and they are open to appeal. Nobody has been lawfully stoned to death in Nigeria since 12 northern states introduced Islamic Sharia law in 2000, because all such sentences have been overturned on appeal. […] The adoption of Sharia law in northern Nigeria has polarized Africa’s most populous nation, whose 130 million population is split roughly evenly between Muslims and Christians.

Someone go call Jesse Jackson…wait a minute the Nigerian government isn’t white. Never mind. [CNN, Nigerian court condemns women to death by stoning, Hat Tip: Cox and Forkum]

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