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From yesterday’s New York Times: Nader Emerges as the Threat Democrats Feared.

With less than three weeks before the election, Ralph Nader is emerging as just the threat that Democrats feared, with a potential to tip the balance in up to nine states where President Bush and Senator John Kerry are running neck and neck. Despite a concerted effort by Democrats to derail his independent candidacy, as well as his being struck off the Pennsylvania ballot on Wednesday, Mr. Nader will be on the ballots in more than 30 states. Polls show that he could influence the outcomes in nine by drawing support from Mr. Kerry. They are Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico and Wisconsin.

Usually we post cartoons three or four days a week. But in the run up to election day, we’ve decided to fill in the empty days by reposting cartoons that are still relevant (we’ll go back to the old schedule after the election). This cartoon was first posted on February 18, 2004.

UPDATE — October 19: From FoxNews: ‘Nader Factor’ Still a Concern.

Politicos on both sides of the aisle are pondering just what effect independent candidate Ralph Nader may have on the 2004 presidential election — a race that could hinge on the number of votes the independent candidate pulls. On Monday, Nader announced a 10-state campaign swing he is embarking on between now and Election Day, which will include Alabama, Connecticut, Louisiana and New York as well as key swing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.
“We’re trying to get as many votes as possible, which means we’re going into states that are characterized as safe states, battleground states and states that fall in between,” he said at a Washington news conference.

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