From  Cox and Forkum:


From the New York Post: Democrat Primer: Play Phony Race Card By Charging Vote ‘Intimidation’. (Via Rodger Morrow)

Republicans ripped into John Kerry yesterday over a stunning new internal manual that advises Democrats to launch “pre-emptive” strikes charging the GOP with voter intimidation — even if none exists.
The “Election Day Manual” — written for Kerry’s Colorado campaign workers — includes a menu of options Democrats can follow next month to claim Republican intimidation, ranging from issuing press releases to organizing minority leaders to denounce the practice.

It was unclear last night whether the manual had been penned by the Kerry campaign or the Democratic National Committee, although questions about it were fielded by the DNC.

Democratic leaders dismissed the charge, insisting the manual was aimed at providing guidance for “preventing and combating” voter intimidation from happening in the first place.

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