From WPVI Philadelphia:

People who came out to see the anti-Kerry film, “Stolen Honor” were already upset that management of the Baederwood Theater cancelled the showing after threats of civil disturbances. Ultimately the anger reached a higher level when Bush supporters clashed with Kerry supporters. […] Abington police had to move in several times to keep ardent Kerry and Bush supporters from coming to blows. This after the documentary “Stolen Honor” which was to debut to a sellout crowd of 600 people was cancelled.”

Joanne Dalbey/WARRINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA: “It denied me the right as an American citizen to see a movie that every American should have the right to see.”
Ryan Sweeney/SOMERTON: “I think it’s terrible, I think it’s ridiculous that they’re gonna shut this down and at the same time they’re gonna show Michael Moore the day before the election.”

The producer of the film blames Kerry operatives for shutting down the showing of the film.

Carlton Sherwood/FILM PRODUCER: “The underhanded coercion and intimidation tactics of John Kerry, here’s my reaction, what is John Kerry so afraid of with this documentary?”

Kerry supporters were pleased the showing of the film had been cancelled.  [WPVI Philadelphia, “Anti-Kerry Film Showing Canceled” October 19, 2004]

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