From MEMRI’s “Arab and Iranian Media on the U.S. Presidential Election” [10/29/04]:

“In contrast, former Iranian foreign minister and exiled leader of the Iranian Freedom Movement opposition group Dr. Ibrahim Yazdi expressed his explicit support for Senator Kerry, saying that as president he would benefit Iran more. In an article in the reformist daily Sharq, Yazdi wrote that Bush was the Jews’ “New Messiah” and that if he was reelected the U.S. would continue in its unilateral Middle East and Iranian policy. Bush, who would not be reelected again for a third term, would be able to implement his policy with greater determination, whereas if Kerry won the election, said Yazdi, he would seek cooperation with and consideration of the European Union countries, and even cooperation with Japan, China, and Russia. As a result of this policy of cooperation, the U.S. and Europe would change their policy in favor of Iran’s nuclear program.” [Sharq (Iran), September 11, 2004.]

See also: Endorsements for President Bush by John Lewis, Ph.D.

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