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AFP reports: Kerry comment about Cheney daughter may have backfired. (Via Little Green Footballs)

John Kerry has come under renewed criticism for raising the case of Mary Cheney, the lesbian daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney, during a presidential debate.
Five days after making the comment, Kerry remained at the centre of a media controversy for highlighting Cheney’s sexual orientation.

Political talk shows, newspaper commentators and an opinion poll have all kept the gay comment in the public. Democrats have bravely called it a storm in a political teacup and Kerry’s campaign manager Mary Beth Cahill has said Cheney’s daughter is “fair game”.

This cartoon was inspired by comments today from James Taranto: “Blogger Rodger Morrow suggests that [Kerry] is being forced to resort to a “Hail Mary” approach…”

And in today’s TIA Daily, Robert Tracinski wrote of the incident (The Washington Conundrum): “Kerry’s gratuitous violation of a simple rule of campaign etiquette reveals an unacceptable lust for power.”

The motive [for the drafting of Mary Cheney into the Kerry campaign] seems to be the vaguely cynical hope that Kerry could pit Cheney’s own daughter against her father’s ticket, that the controversy over the coming days would be: what does Mary Cheney think about her father’s campaign? How has he treated her? And so on. A group of leftist “gay rights” activists have been trying to do this for a long time, demanding that Mary Cheney state her own views publicly — demanding, in effect, that she denounce her father in public. Last Wednesday’s comment seems to be Kerry’s attempt to pick up on that somewhat disreputable far-left campaign.(This is not the first time that Kerry has picked up a loony-left rallying cry and given it a respectable, mainstream spokesman — from the Winter Soldier smear in 1971, to the Howard Dean anti-American foreign policy, to the more recent claim that Bush secretly wants to bring back the draft.)

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