From  Cox and Forkum:

This is the final of three new Michael Moore cartoons that we created for a companion book to the new DVD, FahrenHYPE 9/11. It turns out that we’re not only in the book. We were pleasantly surprised to see three Cox & Forkum cartoons in the movie.

My impression after one viewing: FahrenHYPE 9/11 is a very welcome rebuttal to Moore’s film. (You can view a trailer here.) Using relevant facts and context, the documentary takes Moore to task for many of the deceptions in Fahrenheit 9/11, covering issues such as: the 2000 election, quotes from Bush, the Afghanistan pipeline, American-Saudi relations, the Iraq war and much more. Featured commentators include: Dick Morris, Ron Silver, Zell Miller, Ann Coulter, Dave Kopel, David Frum, Frank Gaffney, David Hardy and Jason Clarke. And other people appearing in the film explain why they consider themselves to have been exploited by Moore.

I was also impressed that the film is not merely a fact-checking critique. It goes further, naming Islamofascists as the enemy, briefly recounting their attacks against America over the years, and even listing attacks that have been thwarted in America — all of which make Moore’s claim that “there is no terrorist threat” that much more ridiculous (as if the 9/11 attacks weren’t enough to do so).

I have not completely read the companion book, but it appears to be as informative as the movie (we have one personal complaint: some of our cartoons are stretch out of proportion!). The book contains interview transcripts, editorials, commentary on the making of the film, and lots more editorial cartoons besides our own.

In short: Not only does FahrenHYPE 9/11 help set the record straight, it is also a refreshing presentation of people standing up for America’s right to defend herself against terrorists and their state sponsors.

Obviously Cox & Forkum played a small part in this project, so you can take my recommendation for what it’s worth. But I think FahrenHYPE 9/11 is a much-needed exposé of Moore’s smoke and mirrors, in his own medium. The companion book adds further details and entertainment. I recommend both to anyone interested in 9/11, the Islamic terrorist threat, and the presidential election — especially if you’ve already seen Fahrenheit 9/11.

ATTENTION STUDENTS: Some students are showing FahrenHYPE 9/11 on their college campuses as an antidote to presentations of Fahrenheit 9/11. Jason A. Nunnelley has set up a Web site to help with such efforts: If you’d like to do the same on your campus, contact Jason.

UPDATE — October 20: Michael Moore recently appeared on the campus of the University of Wisconsin. Ryan Schenk wrote the following about the event:

Last night, Michael Moore came to the campus of the University of Wisconsin, and gave a speech on the Student Union outside by the lake. It was packed. I went to it, not wanting to miss a spectacle, and to see with my own eyes what it is we’re fighting. And I saw it.
If anyone is still wondering whether the Left is actually rooting for our enemies, namely Islamic Fascists and their terrorist comrades, let me quote Michael Moore: “We cannot win this war! We can’t. We SHOULDN’T win this war…I mean, who the hell are we!!!! The ARROGANCE!!!! We’re like, ‘Oh, we’re going to come and invade your country, and force you to be free,’ and then wooptie woo, f*** you!” This was met with loud cheers, applause and laughter by the audience.

Much of the speech consisted of the usual America-bashing, ridiculing the idea that America is such a great country; and of course there was tons of class warfare, charges of racism, sexism, etc.

He screamed out to the Bush supporters, who were yelling out “four more years” and such, “Why don’t you go fight in the war. I have some enlistment papers right here; come up and sign them if you think you’re so brave!” Then I walked over to this group to give them some support, and to see the inevitable confrontations.

One guy, who looked like a professor, said to me, “You’re a bunch of Nazis. Why don’t you shut the hell up.” I gave him a word or two, in a semi-respectful way. Another guy tried to dump a pitcher of water or beer on us, but missed and hit two girls who were screeching at us to “shut up.” He got pulled away by the police. It was pretty orderly. And the group that I joined was not obnoxious at all. I couldn’t hear the speech while with them, but only because I was right in the middle of the “four more years” and “flip-flop” chants.

What I was most amazed at was how the crowd cheered with joyous rage at the most evil statements, by such an evil person. The cheers were the loudest when the speech was about how terrible America is, and how we don’t have the right to defend ourselves militarily.

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