From an interview with Lisa Von Damme:

Schools today commit flagrant violations of hierarchy. At a high school in my area, the freshman social studies program begins with a study of the nature and value of the U.N. (before the students have even a rudimentary knowledge of history); the science curriculum begins with DNA replication (before students know about Mendel and Darwin and basic genetic theory); English classes begin with subtleties of literary style (before students have a basic understanding of plot and theme). Education needs to be totally reconceived with the principle of hierarchy in mind.

In my opinion, what is offered to students in today’s schools bears little resemblance to education. If education is a study of the core subjects with the goal of providing students with that abstract knowledge which is essential to a mature mind, then education was abandoned by the schools long ago. The integrated, essentialized study of history, with its sweeping generalizations about man, has been rejected in favor of the disintegrated, concrete-bound subject of “social studies.” The classics of literature, with their timeless themes and penetrating insights into man and the nature of the universe, have been replaced by whatever contemporary works happen to be in political favor. The world is in desperate need of an educational renaissance. 

You can read the entire interview here. 

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