In the typical fashion of the press, ignoring real stories that are too “complex” for them to comprehend, or would probably be passed off as “red-baiting,” the new book Unfit for Command written by John O’Neill and Jerome Corsi has been the rage of the media for the past week for its various accounts (which differ from John Kerry’s) of how candidate Kerry won his medals in Vietnam. Personally I think it’s rather irrelevant. The medals Kerry won he obviously thought weren’t worth much considering he threw them away, although even this point he belabors with different accounts, saying he also tossed his ribbons aside, or that ribbons are medals and other similar statements violating the law of identity. But one section of the book does tell us something very alarming about candidate Kerry and I have posted the excerpt from the book below.

“The FBI field surveillance reports document a speech that Kerry gave in 1971 in which he praised Ho Chi Minh, the founder of Vietnamese Communism. The occasion was a speech Kerry gave to a group at the YMCA in Philadelphia on June 14, 1971. As reported by the FBI:

‘On June 29, 1971, [BLACKED OUT SECURITY EDIT] advised the JOHN KERRY of the National Office of the VVAW, spoke at the YMCA, Philadelphia, on June 14, 1971. In this talk he stated that HO CHI MINH is the GEORGE WASHINGTON of Vietnam. Ho studied the United States Constitution and wants to install the same provisions into the Government of Vietnam. KERRY criticized United States activities in Vietnam, saying we are destroying villages, cities, crops, and the people there and these activities must be stopped.’

Kerry gave many antiwar speeches in 1971. His tendency to idealize the Vietnamese Communists and to demonize the United States was possibly most apparent when he chose to praise by association with America’s founding father the man responsible for introducing Communism to Indochina.” Page 137

I doubt many have heard of this episode since it hasn’t been picked up by the press. It amuses me that President Bush’s intelligence (or lack thereof) gets so much play in the media, but I’ll never be convinced that Mr. Bush would ever make such a callous, thoughtless, unpatriotic, and incorrect comparison about the man most responsible for the creation of the United States, the greatest (thus the freest) country to ever exist on the Earth. Only a fiend or an uneducated idiot in the extreme could make such a comparison seriously and in either case it indicates an intellect and disposition entirely unworthy of the office of the presidency.

The reasons to oppose Kerry, if not to support Bush, keep piling up.

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