Fox News reported several weeks ago that the North Korean news agency denounced George W. Bush and called for his defeat in the November election, effectively endorsing John Kerry.

Amazingly, he’s not talking about this ringing endorsement, even though he mentioned on the campaign trail months ago that he had talked to foreign leaders who said they wanted him to win. Wouldn’t this prove he wasn’t lying? Hasn’t Kerry made making friends with the rest of the world a cornerstore of his effort to become President? Why leave out the endorsement of a prominent world leader?

Kerry was more that willing to secretly (not so secret now) meet with Le Duc Tho, a leader of the North Vietnamese communist state during the Vietnam War, did Le tell Kerry he wanted him to be President? Of course the great and objective media in the USA isn’t covering any of this, even though according to some very good liars (or very stupid idiots) the media is conservative in its bias.

Just remember that when you push the button for John Kerry, you’re picking the unanimous choice of the North Korean people as relayed by their free and representative government.

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