From The Ayn Rand Insittute:

The International Monetary Fund (IMF), meeting this week in Washington, hopes to convince the United States to approve a no-strings-attached foreign aid proposal that includes $465 million to Iran and $90 million to Syria. “Giving money to these known state sponsors of terrorism,” says Dr. Andrew Bernstein, senior writer for the Ayn Rand Institute, “is akin to giving money to Stalin.”

Iran, the spearhead of Islamic totalitarianism and a sworn enemy of the United States, is currently developing nuclear weapons. “Where,” Dr. Bernstein asks, “will these no-strings-attached millions go–to finance nuclear bombs that will be used to annihilate Israel and to demolish New York City?”  

“In the 20th century Lenin claimed that the capitalist West would sell communists the rope with which communism would hang it. And because the West lacked the understanding and self-esteem to uphold the ideals of freedom and capitalism, it did repeatedly deal with and appease the communist (and fascist) totalitarians. Today, because of the same lack of understanding and self-esteem, the United States is contemplating not selling the rope with which the religious totalitarians will hang us–but giving it to them for free.”

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