From  Cox and Forkum:

From The Wall Street Journal: The Media Watershed: Dan Rather and the end of the liberal monopoly.

Mr. Rather and his CBS bosses are sticking to their story, despite the growing evidence on the other side, leaving unanswered the biggest question of all: Who perpetrated this apparent fraud on CBS and the American voters? As journalists who sometimes go out on a limb ourselves, we’d have thought Mr. Rather’s first recourse would not be to get mad but instead to double- and triple-check his sources.

From The Washington Post: Rather Concedes Papers Are Suspect.

“If the documents are not what we were led to believe, I’d like to break that story,” Rather said in an interview last night. “Any time I’m wrong, I want to be right out front and say, ‘Folks, this is what went wrong and how it went wrong.'”

Yet, after a one week of non-stop criticism for pushing fake memos as real, Rather has done nothing but stonewall.

“This is not about me,” Rather said before anchoring last night’s newscast. “I recognize that those who didn’t want the information out and tried to discredit the story are trying to make it about me, and I accept that.”

Dan Rather used faked memos to bolster a story criticizing a sitting president’s military record, all during a hotly contested election and an ongoing war. How could that NOT be about Dan Rather? There may be some truth to criticisms about Bush’s Guard service, but in Rather’s world, what he believes to be true is more important than what is true. That’s not journalism; it’s editorializing. Michael Moore has made millions doing the same thing.

Perhaps Dan Rather needs a new sign off line: “I Report. You Accept It.”

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