The shamefully dishonest Children’s “Defense” Fund blasted the U.S. House of Representatives today for passing a bill that would lift Washington D.C.’s unconstitutional (and immoral) ban on handguns “even as [brace yourself for some fraudulent sensationalism] children continue dying from gunfire on the city’s streets.” Just how that is possible given the city’s draconian ban on firearms was not explained. Could it be that (shock!) violent criminals don’t respect gun laws? Perhaps that would explain why D.C.’s murder and violent crime rates have increased since law-abiding citizens were disarmed by the ban in 1976. (Nice way for the capital to celebrate America’s bicentennial…)

As a devious attempt to obscure the facts, the CDF dubbed the current firearm ban a “gun safety” law. Safety? Do CDF members view Prohibition as simply a nationwide “alcohol safety” policy, or Nazism as a mere extreme form of “Jewish safety?” And just what conclusion is one left to draw about an organization that is constantly advocating “child safety?”

Thanks all the same, CDF, but no children I know need your version of “defense.”

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