From  Cox and Forkum:


From CNN: Bush’s bounce poll shows Kerry flagging.

For the first time since the presidential contest became a two-man race this spring, it seems to have a clear leader: President Bush. The latest TIME poll shows Bush leading his rival, John Kerry, 52% to 41%.

From William Safire at The New York Times: The Comeback Prez.

[B]bouncing Bushies are properly concerned with peaking too soon. Because the media revel in a horse race right down to the wire, any reduction of the present Bush surge will be hailed with a jubilant “Here comes Kerry!”
But the Republicans coming out of their New York success — with a personally popular candidate, a much deeper surrogate bench, the momentum of an upbeat message and a clearly centrist appeal — have good reasons to have faith in the November decision of today’s legion of swing voters.

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