It’s a good thing that Gov. Pataki vetoed the proposed state minimum wage hike, but his call for a hike at the federal level shows that he doesn’t really get it either [“Governor Vetoes Minimum-Wage Hike,” William F. Hammond, Jr., July 30, 2004].

If the defenders of the minimum wage really believe their own propaganda, then why are they being so stingy?

If wealth can be commanded into existence by the legislature, then why stop at a measly $7.15 per hour? Why not $25 per hour? Why not $100? Think about it.

What is “an outrageous slap in the face to thousands of hardworking men and women” is Sheldon Silver’s assumption that they are too stupid to see this legislation for the pernicious demagoguery it is.

[Sheldon Silver is the Democratic speaker of the Assembly in New York; the quote is his assessment of the veto.]


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