On write in candidate John Galt Jr. (Pennsylvania):

A writer, this candidate explains that he assumed the identity “John Galt Jr.” several years ago after being deeply influenced by the John Galt character in Ayn Rand’s classic libertarian novel Atlas Shrugged. Galt is waging a write-in campaign for President in 2004, just as he did in 2000. As for views, he supports drug legalization, “direct democracy, that is to say [having] the people voting on what should and shouldn’t be laws.” Galt advocates environmentalist views, supports drug legalization — and, surprisingly, is also rather hostile towards corporations (“We need new laws to limit the powers and scopes of corporate involvement in community and politics”). Galt’s 2000 VP runningmate was Kay Lee, a drug legalization activist from Florida. [Politics1]

Being for a proper government, Ayn Rand was no libertarian. And “John Galt Jr.” is no John Galt.

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