From  Cox and Forkum:

From Reuters: N.Korea Hurls Abuse at Bush, Calls Him Human Trash

North Korea hurled invective at President Bush for a second day Tuesday, calling him a political idiot and human trash, and said six-party talks on Pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions appeared doomed.
A day earlier, a Foreign Ministry spokesman for the isolated communist state described Bush as a tyrannical imbecile who put Adolf Hitler in the shade and said Pyongyang could see no justification to negotiate with his administration.

We’ll likely hear more of the same during the Republican National Convention next week, and not necessarily from Pyongyang.

UPDATE August 30: I watched some of the C-SPAN coverage of this weekend’s march against Republicans in NYC. There seemed to be less “Bush=Hitler” type expressions than at previous demonstrations, but then I only watch about 45 minutes worth. Two that I noticed: a sign reading “POLAND 1939, IRAQ 2003”; and a t-shirt reading “BUSH” with the “S” replaced by a swastika.

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