This 19 minute statement presents Dr. Peikoff’s view of the upcoming Presidential election, explaining why he intends to vote for Kerry, and why he condemns not only Bush, but also those who abstain from voting on the grounds that both candidates are no good.

The statement is taken from Dr. Peikoff’s recent course on The DIM Hypothesis. It was excerpted from Lecture 15, given on June 3, 2004. For purposes of this excerpt, listeners unfamiliar with DIM can equate ‘D1’ with the advocate of a mixed economy, and ‘M2’ with the advocate of totalitarianism.

The link to the op-ed by Dr. John Lewis that Dr. Peikoff recommends is:

The Threat of a Faith-Based Defense of America (June 6, 2004)
In the war between reason and religion, declared by militant Islamic fundamentalists, President Bush is firmly on the side of religion.

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