From Fox News:

Evil — a word usually reserved for the likes of Adolph Hitler or Usama bin Laden — is now being used by more than a third of Canadian teens to describe the United States. In a recent poll, 40 percent of Canadian teens said the United States is a force for evil in the world, with 50 percent saying it’s a force for good and 10 percent reporting they were undecided on the subject. French-Canadians were even harsher, with 64 percent of them calling America a force for evil….former Canadian diplomat Martin Collacot says the teens are responding to cues from their government, the media and their teachers…In one incident, hockey fans in Montreal booed during the playing of the American national anthem. Then-Prime Minister Jean Chretien’s spokesman was caught on mike calling President Bush a moron. And while the streets of Quebec were filled with war protesters, a member of Parliament from the ruling Liberal Party was quoted as saying: “Damn Americans. I hate those bastards.”

From the Fox News O’Reilly Factor:

O’Reilly: On July 6th, I reported that a poll taken in Canada found that 40 percent of teenagers there thought America was a force for evil in the world. The number rose to 64 percent among French-Canadian teenagers. [“Canadian Youth Taught America is Evil?”]

Wonder why?

O’Reilly: I’m going to have to come up there [to Canada] because you won’t take the Fox News Channel, because your government is afraid of it.

On the plus side (for terrorists), the Canadian government did approve Al-Jazeera (which the U.S. government allows both Fox and Al-Jazeera).

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