From the World Trade Center II Design

Within this site plan, the Yamasaki Twin Towers return, with several enhancements and modifications over the originals. The Twin Towers of the New Millennium would differ from their predecessors… [Hat Tip: J. Swanik]

The safety features include a double exterior skin for each tower, and six well-fireproofed stairwells.

Writes Nicole Gelinas, in “World Trade sellouts,” New York Post, May 18, 2004:

Osama bin Laden gave the order to destroy the World Trade Center – but Gov. Pataki & Co. are paying for the funeral. New York’s leaders refuse to heal our city’s mutilated skyline. In Washington, the horror of 9/11 was met with resolve: The feds rebuilt the Pentagon within a year. In New York, horror was met by bureaucratic flaccidity.

…The governor has chosen architect Daniel Libeskind to erect a “Freedom” Tower that will be a half-hollowed monument to cowardice. The top floors of the Freedom Tower are designed for bin Laden. They’ll be empty. The tower is to be built with just 70 occupied stories – 40 floors shy of each of the destroyed Twin Towers. Pataki wants to break ground on the Freedom Tower on the Fourth of July – but all the fireworks in the world won’t mask the fact that the Freedom Tower is no World Trade Center.

It is shocking – almost inconceivable – that we haven’t snatched back from our enemies what belongs to us. Americans always understood the Twin Towers. They were us: stark capitalism, power and beauty without explanation or apology.

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Reflecting America: World Trade Center Memorial Should Celebrate America’s Producers
The people who worked at the World Trade Center (WTC) were all productive people: they were there to do a job and earn money. They died on September 11 because they symbolized that productivity, not just to millions around the world who aspire to live like Americans, but also to the terrorists who despise all that America stands for.
Rebuilding the WTC: Anything Less Is Suicide
All of Manhattan is sacred ground–not because people died there, but because its bridges and skyscrapers are monuments to human life. They are monuments to the human aspiration to build and to create. This is what was attacked on September 11: our wealth, our success, the global reach of our commerce and culture. The best way to commemorate those achievements is through a new skyscraper, bigger, better, and more beautiful than the ones we have lost.

Rebuilding the WTC: The Greatest Tribute Possible
Those who wish to rebuild the WTC face an uphill battle against those who are opposed to using the site for commerce and against those who have called for the site to become a memorial park.

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