Tracinski on Moore’s Reviewers:

This gives a doubly ironic meaning to a tag-line used at the top of some posters for Moore’s film: “Controversy–What Controversy?” What controversy, indeed? Nearly everyone tasked by the mainstream media to review this film is an acolyte of Moore’s far-left views. But what is disturbing about the reaction to this film is not this near-universal agreement with Moore’s un-intellectual vaporings. The most important common theme of the reviews is not an uncritical acceptance of Moore’s slanted facts and weak reasoning: it is an openly expressed contempt for facts and reasoning as such…
…Behind all of these reviews is un-admitted Marxist premise–the root idea that is necessary to justify propaganda. In the ideology of materialist Marxist totalitarianism, it was widely accepted that ideas are just a “superstructure,” a “legitimating ideology” whose sole purpose is to advance the power of one group or class over another. The seizure of political power, in this view, is the only truly important goal–and the marshalling of ideas and arguments is to be judged only by how it serves raw power politics… [TIA]

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