From Cox and Forkum:

Writes Allen Forkum:

I don’t agree with many of Alan Dershowitz’ points in this op-ed about Saddam’s trial (e.g., that America should accept even the possibility of an imperfect verdict or that “international law” should prevent us from doing as we please with Saddam), but Dershowitz does make a safe prediction:

Saddam’s family has retained a small army of lawyers, which includes a nightmare team of anti-American advocates from around the Arab world and Western Europe, and features the daughter of Libya’s dictator, Moammar Gadhafi. The stage is thus set for a highly politicized trial in which Saddam will try to turn the tables on his accusers by pointing fingers at “the occupying forces” and their puppet court.

Charles Johnson is keeping track of one of Saddam’s lawyers, an American who gives us an idea of just how politicized the trial could become:

“I ardently oppose American and more broadly western neo-imperialism which is being imposed through the exploitation of the majority of the people of the world and the economic and military dominance of the United States. I believe that all people have a right and a duty to take all necessary measures to end the United States’ inhumane dominance of the lives of billions of people.”

This lawyer, Curtis F.J. Doebbler, made news today for seeking Supreme Court action on Saddam’s behalf.

Doebbler, the lone American on Saddam’s legal team, wants the high court to declare the detention of the ousted Iraqi president unconstitutional.

He even has more to say about the America military:

“The world’s most powerful army is an army of cowards. They are soldiers who are willing to risk the lives of innocent civilians to protect their own. I don’t know about my fellow Americans, but I don’t feel very much protected by such cowards.”

Right. I guess that makes Saddam the “hero” for surrendering to “cowards” before being dragged like a rat out of his filthy spider hole.

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