From Cox and Forkum:

AP reported last Friday: Attacks in Sudan’s Darfur region are genocide: US Congress

By a vote of 422 to zero, the House of Representatives and “the Senate concurring” passed the resolution introduced a month ago by New Jersey Democrat Donald Payne stressing that in Darfur 30,000 people have been “brutally murdered”, 130,000 have fled to neighboring Chad and more than one million have been internally displaced by the violence.

On Sunday… Pressure grows on Sudan over Darfur crisis

Sudanese President Omar al-Beshir has accused the international community of targeting Islam in Sudan, the pro-government Al-Anbaa reported Saturday. The paper quoted Beshir as telling supporters in the central region of Gezira following Friday prayers that the real aim of the campaign against his country was not the situation in Darfur but to derail the growth of Islam in the country. “The international concern about the Darfur issue is targeting the status of Islam in Sudan,” claimed Beshir, who seized power in a bloodless Islamist coup in 1989.

Some Western countries, such as Britain and Australia, have threatened to intervene militarily. CNN reports today: Sudan ‘will fight foreign troops’.

Sudan will retaliate against international troops if they are sent to intervene in the troubled Darfur region, Khartoum’s foreign minister has said. […] Meanwhile a group calling itself Mohammed’s army called on Muslims to prepare to fight Western forces sent on any mission to western Sudan.

AFP reports today that civilians in Darfur are being burned alive. (Via Little Green Footballs)

AU [African Union] monitors declared on Wednesday that government-backed Arab militiamen chained and burned alive civilians in a raid on a market in Darfur.

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