At a shareholder meeting earlier this month, Walmart CEO Lee Scott announced a new strategy for revamping the vilified company’s public image: institutionalize racism and sexism.

Under the Grand Dragon’s plan, executive bonuses will be cut by up to 7.5% if Walmart’s “diversity goals” are not met by the end of the year. By next year, cuts could go as deep at 15%.

Instead of ignoring factors irrelevant to a potential employee’s ability to perform (such as gender), executives will be encouraged to apply corporate-wide bigotry standards during the hiring process. Interviewers may optionally wear white sheets during candidate evaluations.

“If 50 percent of the people applying for the job of store manager are women,” Scott promised, “we will work to make sure that 50 percent of the people receiving those jobs are women.”

Earlier rumors that Walmart is changing its company slogan to, “all races are equal, but some races are more equal than others,” have not been confirmed.

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