Australian columnist Andrew Bolt cites website Sawt al-Jihad’s interview with Fawwaz bin Muhammad al-Nashami, head of the al-Qaida killers who attacked in Saudi Arabia last month:

Al-Nashami says he and his “brothers” shot their way into an oil company compound, where, as police confirm, they killed a British worker and tied his body to their car. He says they drove on until “the infidel’s clothing was torn to shreds and he was naked in the street . . . and everyone watched the infidel being dragged, praise and gratitude be to Allah.” The terrorists then stormed a second compound, and found an “American infidel”. “I shot him in the head, and his head exploded. We entered another office and found one infidel from South Africa, and our brother Hussein slit his throat. We asked Allah to accept (these pious acts) from us, and from him.”

The terrorists then killed guards at a third compound, where al-Nashami says they found Johansson: “Brother Nimr cut off his head and put it at the gate, so that it would be seen by all . . .”

They caught other workers and checked their religion. “We found Filipino Christians. We cut their throats and dedicated them to our brothers the Mujahideen in the Philippines. We found Hindu engineers and we cut their throats, too, Allah be praised . . . “We utilised the time for (teaching) the Koran to the Muslims who remained.”


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