Capitalism Magazine contributor, and a Professor at Ashland University, Dr. John Lewis chronicles the attacks on the west on his website.

Writes Dr. Lewis about the chronology:

The strongest evidence that the west–especially the United States–has appeased Middle Eastern governments for over five decades begins with a simple list of the major attacks made by various Islamic groups since the 1970’s, and the lack of principled response to those attacks.

A list of every terrorist attack in the twentieth century would fill a volume. The chronology here is ruthlessly select; it includes a few events needed to understand the sequence, such as the formation of selected top-rank Islamic groups, formal declared wars, [and includes, in brackets, certain non-Muslim terrorist acts].

But no attempt has been made to document the hundreds of Palestinian bombings in Israel, and Israeli retaliations, unless they had international affects or involved the deaths of Americans. A series of one hijacker / one day hijackings without casualties have been omitted. This list does not adequately demonstrate the state of siege in which Israel has lived for over fifty years, nor does it convey the depths of Arab rage that has led them to prefer suicide over co-existence with Israel. This list focuses on violence against civilians by Islamic fundamentalists, for political purposes, which takes place in an international context.

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