From Cox and Forkum:

CNN reports: Saudis offer terrorists month to surrender.

“We are announcing for the last time that we are opening the door to repentance and for those to return to righteousness,” said Crown Prince Abdullah in a televised address. … “To everyone who has gone out of the righteous way and has committed a crime in the name of religion and to everyone who belongs to that group that has done itself a disservice, everyone who has been captured in terror acts is given the chance to come back to God if they want to save their lives, their souls,” Abdullah said. “If they give themselves up without force within one month maximum from the date of this speech, we can promise them that they are going to be safe.” Abdullah said all such people would be dealt with fairly, in accordance with Islamic law.” If they are wise and they accept it, then they are saved. And if they snub it, then God is not going to forbid us from hitting them with our force, which we get from our dependence on God.” He added that Saudi forces would not hesitate to act.

“Not hesitate”? Almost three years after 9/11? I’m sure the terrorists are quaking in their suicide vests. As we’ve noted before (e.g., here and here), the Saudis didn’t really care about Islamic, anit-western terrorism until their own people started getting killed and their oil business was threatened. Their amnesty offer simply demonstrates the religious sympathy they have for the terrorists’ cause.

Robert Tracinski writes under “Saudi Pseudo Civil War”:

The good news: the Saudis are threatening to fight a civil war that has been declared against them by the Islamic fanatics they spawned. The very bad news (for the Saudi regime and for oil prices): the prelude to this fight indicates that the Saudis don’t have the nerve to attack their own offspring — since they have begun by boldly offering to let their opponents off the hook in a general amnesty for the Kingdom’s terrorists. [TIA Daily]

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