From  Cox and Forkum:

From AP: Kerry Outlines Way to Limit Nuke Threat.

“At this hour, stockpiles go unguarded, bomb-making materials sit in forgotten facilities, and terrorists plot away,” the senator said. “They have their technology. They have their scientists. All they need is that material. But we can stop them.” … “Remember. No material. No bomb. No nuclear terrorism,” he said. [June 1, 2004]

Senator Kerry seems to be applying the leftists’ anti-handgun philosophy to nukes: It’s the weapons that are evil not necessarily the people who misuse them. In the same way the anti-handgun fascists want to limit a law abiding citizen’s right to self defense, so Kerry wants to limit America’s right to self defense, by reducing our nuclear weapons stockpile and stopping further research.

I have a “new” strategy suggestion: “No terrorists. No terrorist-sponsoring states. No terrorism.” This used to be known as the Bush Doctrine, but we haven’t heard it in a while.

Robert Tracinski commented on Kerry’s new strategies in TIA Daily:

In a new speech, Democratic candidate John Kerry sets forth his plan to deal with the threat of nuclear weapons falling into the hands of terrorists. His answer, as usual, is to fire off a barrage of paper bullets, negotiating new “anti-proliferation” treaties and appointing new people, as a cover for doing nothing of real substance.

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