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CNN reports: Nuclear watchdog criticizes Iran.

International Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei was critical Monday of Iran’s cooperation with his agency as the IAEA board of governors met. Iran’s cooperation with U.N. nuclear inspectors is “less than satisfactory,” ElBaradei said. […] But, ElBaradei said, there is “steady progress” in the rest of the agency’s work with the Islamic republic.

But as The Wall Street Journal editorial Coddling the Mullahs pointed out:

If Iran goes nuclear within the next year or two, don’t blame the inspectors at the International Atomic Energy Agency. Earlier this month Mohammed ElBaradei’s U.N. team issued yet another damning report on the mullahs, describing a pattern of deception and non-cooperation that all but screams “bomb program.” But the international community, with the apparent acquiescence of the Bush Administration, is treating it all as a matter of indifference.
OK, that’s a mild overstatement. IAEA member states have been going through the motions required by their inspection process. But when they meet today in Vienna the consuming issue will be whether to “deplore” Iran’s deceptions or note them with “serious concern.” The Iranians are protesting that they consider even those words as all but a casus belli, but they are reported to be privately pleased as punch that the IAEA will yet again fail to refer them to the U.N. Security Council for sanction.

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