From  Cox and Forkum:

This cartoon was inspired by a post at Charles Johnson’s blog, Little Green Footballs. We stole his title outright: Hip-Hop, Islamofascist Style. The post is about an Iranian rapper who was allowed by the theocracy to release an album, but only after the “ministry of Islamic guidance and culture” censored 20 lyrical excerpts and a few songs. What was left? According the London Telegraph article:

Many of the songs question the habit of girls following western fashions. The lyrics mock the girls in Teheran who stroll through the capital with designer headscarves and make-up. “More important than bread at night is your lipstick and lipliner,” raps Binesh Pagoh about a conceited girl. “There’s a lot of religious people here, cover your legs with that skirt.”

The article claims the album’s release is an indication that officials are easing the restrictions on art. Perhaps. It’s certainly an indication of how far Iranian people are from a free society.

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