From Cox and Forkum:

President Bush’s apology for Iraqi prisoner abuse comes admid news of yet another taking of an American hostage, this time by a group called the “Islamic Rage Squadrons.”

The first article notes that Bush is trying to counter a “worldwide wave of revulsion” over the prisoner abuse. Charles Johnson notes a disturbing double standard:

Remember that “worldwide wave of revulsion” when a pregnant Israeli mother and her four daughters were murdered in cold blood by Arabs who videotaped the atrocity? Remember the “worldwide wave of revulsion” when four security contractors helping to rebuild Iraq were burned alive, ripped apart, and hung from a bridge by Arabs in Fallujah? Remember the “worldwide wave of revulsion” when an Italian hostage was murdered by Arabs on video? … You don’t?

If our government and media pursued justice against Islamist tyrants and terrorists with the same vigor they display in pursuing our own criminals, perhaps the war could be won.

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