Lead articles from the Sun Thursday and Friday:

Intelligence reports indicate that some “Middle Eastern men” are casing big coastal oil refineries in Texas, leading some intelligence analysts in Washington to be fearful of a strike on one of the oil facilities before Election Day. [NYSun]

In early 2002, the FBI concluded in an internal review that between 50 and 100 Hamas and Hezbollah operatives had already infiltrated America. The operatives were in America working on fund-raising and logistics, and they had received terrorist and military training from Lebanon and other countries in the Middle East, according to current and former intelligence officials….

[A] former senior FBI counterterrorism agent, Ken Piernick…, was the chief of the unit inside the FBI’s counterterrorism bureau that handled Hamas and Hezbollah. He told the Sun yesterday that Hamas and Hezbollah logistical cells that have been used by the organizations with success to raise money and send materiel to Lebanon, Gaza, and the West Bank could be quickly turned into operational terrorist cells. [NYSun]

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