Here’s Madeleine Albright joining the chorus of those who, apparently, think it’s better for us just to roll over and die:

The Bush administration’s decision to detain hundreds of people in Guantanamo, Cuba, may be helping the al-Qaeda network recruit terrorists, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said today. “It is possible and perhaps probable that anger over these detentions has helped (Osama) bin Laden succeed in recruiting more new operatives,” Albright, secretary of state in the Clinton administration, said in prepared testimony.

James Taranto comments: “Just about any antiterror measure can be expected to make terrorists or terrorist wannabes angry. Albright’s appeasement approach would lead to complete paralysis and, no doubt, to more terrorist attacks.”

Here’s Hillel Halkin on the same argument, applied to Palestinian terrorists:

The fear that Israel is now in for a worse wave of terrorist attacks than ever rests on the assumption that Hamas and other Palestinian terror organizations have so far been showing restraint and will henceforth begin to get serious. This assumption is highly dubious, both because these organizations have already given every indication of doing their utmost to kill Israelis, and because it is unclear what possible motive they might have had for holding back until now.

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