Another example of how Cuba is ruled by thugs:

Minutes after the United Nations human rights commission in Geneva narrowly passed a resolution criticizing Cuba yesterday, a member of the dictatorship’s delegation violently attacked a prominent Cuban-American activist, knocking him briefly unconscious….

Mr. Calzon, 60, told The New York Sun people in the hallway began yelling at each other after the vote was announced, prompting him to seek the attention of a U.N. guard. At that point, a man raced down a nearby escalator, swung his arms over the side as he approached the bottom, and slammed Mr. Calzon with a twofisted blow. “All of a sudden, someone hit my head, and I passed out,” Mr. Calzon said in a telephone interview.

Mr. Calzon said witnesses later told him Cuban government supporters surrounded him after he collapsed. “When I was awake, they were yelling things like ‘traitor,’ ‘son-of-a-bitch,’ ‘lackey to the United States.'” A U.N. guard brandishing a canister of Mace broke up the crowd and helped Mr. Calzon. “That’s what prevented them from kicking me,” he said….

Cuban U.N. officials had a different version of events. “There was a provocation from Frank Calzon against one woman in the Cuban delegation, and he received the due response from our Cuban delegation,” Cuban Ambassador Jorge Mora Godoy, who didn’t see the incident, told The Associated Press. [NYSun]

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