From Cox and Forkum:

CNN reports: Hamas founder killed in Israeli airstrike.

Israel Defense Forces acknowledged that it intentionally targeted the Hamas leader, saying Yassin was responsible for planning and directing terrorist attacks. “This morning, in a security forces operation in the northern Gaza Strip, the IDF targeted a car carrying the head of the Hamas terror organization, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, and his aides,” an IDF statement said. “Yassin, responsible for numerous murderous terror attacks, resulting in the deaths of many civilians, both Israeli and foreign, was killed in the attack.” Hamas, a Palestinian Islamic fundamentalist organization, has been labeled by the U.S. State Department as a terrorist organization. […] Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon thanked the security forces who carried out the operation and said the “war on terror is not over.”
“The ideological essence of this man was one — the murder and killing of Jews wherever they are and the destruction of the state of Israel,” Sharon said.

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