Lest anyone get too euphoric about the item “Communists for Capitalism?”, here’s Ellen Bork reporting on how China is following in the recent footsteps of the mullahs of Iran:

Beijing is fearful that pro-democracy candidates will do well enough in the next legislature, in which 30 of 60 seats will be elected democratically, to upset its control of the government. To reverse its fortunes, Beijing has threatened the dissolution of the next legislature if too many people Beijing doesn’t like win seats. For good measure it has launched an intimidation campaign, smearing democratic politicians and activists as “unpatriotic,”which can be code for subversion or a threat to national security….

This is what “one country, two systems” means. That attractive-sounding formula, first devised to entice Taiwan into joining the mainland, is a fiction that has allowed the international democratic community to imagine that Beijing will tolerate Hong Kong’s autonomy, and democratic expansion in Hong Kong. [NYSun]

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