From Cox and Forkum:

Last week, presumptive Democrat presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry defended his labeling of GOP critics as a ‘crooked, lying group’.

This week he’s defending his claim of support by unnamed world leaders. CNN reported yesterday: Bush challenges Kerry comments.

White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan on Monday urged Kerry to “be straightforward” with American voters and disclose which international leaders told him they support him. If he won’t, McClellan said, “then the only alternative is that he is making it up to attack the president of the United States.

InstaPundit has lots of links on this latter issue here and here.

Meanwhile, the Democratic National Committee and other prominent Democrats are trying to to raise $10 million for Kerry in 10 days, which will no doubt be used to further obscure what Kerry is really for and against.

George W. Bush Blog is keeping tabs on the latest of Kerry’s “for and against” positions, this time concerning Cuba and troop funding: Kerry Tries to Have It Both Ways on Issue After Issue.

What Kerry is doing here is playing a Washington game that enables him to be on both sides of virtually every issue. […] The bottom line is this: when it really mattered, on final passage, Kerry voted against funding for our troops in Iraq. He’s now trying to say he voted the other way.

Included in the post is a link to Slate’s Whooper of the Week awarded to Kerry. Timothy Noah comments:

Kerry aides told [The Miami Herald’s Peter] Wallsten that Kerry voted against the final bill because he disagreed with some technicalities added at the last minute, but that he voted for an earlier version of the bill. But every piece of legislation that comes before the Senate is subjected to a succession of votes, many of them tactical in nature. The only vote that counts is final passage. If it were otherwise, any legislator could claim to have voted for or against almost any bill, depending on the audience, and there would be no accountability at all.

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