Harry Binswanger had an letter in the Sun on Mayor Bloomberg’s holding back third graders who haven’t passed their courses:

In “Mayor Forces End of Social Promotion,” an unidentified “student representative” announces, “People shouldn’t be fired for what they believe in.” Oh, really? So then the Pope shouldn’t be fired if he decided that Catholicism was wrong? And Democrats shouldn’t vote for Kerry, because then we’d be firing Bush because of what he believes in?

A person should be judged by what he believes in. Unless he is a hypocrite, he acts on his convictions. When someone’s beliefs and actions place him in irreconcilable conflict with the institution that has hired or appointed him, he should be summarily dismissed. That was the case with those on the education panel who would have voted to continue the nefarious practice of “social promotion.” Mayor Bloomberg showed courage and integrity in firing those panelists.

Social promotion? How can someone call himself an educator when he believes that ignorance doesn’t exist as long as we don’t call it ignorance?

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