From Cox and Forkum:


This cartoon was inspired by a comment by Instapundit reader Jon Henke:

I’ve noticed the Democrats are calling the Administration’s response to Clarke “character assassination”. Odd, considering the response has largely consisted of pointing out Clarke’s own words. Wouldn’t that more accurately be called “character suicide”?

As CNN reports, the Democrat making that accusation was none other than John Kerry.

On Clarke, Kerry said: “Every time somebody comes up and says something that this White House doesn’t like, they don’t answer the questions about it or show you the truth about it. They go into character assassination mode.”

Leave it to Democrats to cry foul when their own words used against them.

A good op-ed about Dick Clarke by Mark Steyn, Bush has nothing to fear from this hilarious work of fiction:

I don’t know how good Clarke was at counter-terrorism, but as a media performer he is a total dummy. He seemed to think that he could claim the lucrative star role of Lead Bush Basher without anybody noticing the huge paper trail of statements he has left contradicting the argument in his book.

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